Joinery and Building FAQ/Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I really need building control involved in my home conversion/extension?

A. In general the answer is yes. We would certainly recommend that any significant alteration to your home should include building control approval, as this is in your best interests in the long term, particularly when you sell your home. Depending on the nature of the alteration you may also need planning permission and we can advise you during the quotation stage.

Q. My kitchen designer and supplier can also install, am I better using their services?

A. You can use their installation service but you will probably find that is significantly more expensive that choosing an independent installer. Also an independent installer will act in your best interests and is likely to be more transparent in identifying problems with either the design or the build quality of the kitchen units.

Q. I have no idea what budget I would need for my build project, can you help?

A. We are happy to provide guidelines for specific build projects in advance of a more detailed quotation, so that you can budget accordingly. However, it is important to recognise that no two build projects are the same. In addition many homes have hidden problems that can be uncovered during the building works. As a result we do recommend clients to allow for a contingency of up to 20% of budget to address these potential issues.

Q. Can you undertake work on listed buildings?

A. We are experienced and we welcome listed building projects. We recently completed a full restoration project on a Grade 2 listed building in the Macclesfield area.

Q. Can you provide a detailed quotation?

A. Yes, we can provide a detailed quotation, if required. However we typically find that in those early discussions with potential clients that they may have areas of uncertainty around their projects. So we generally find that an initial estimation is more valuable to provide guidance on costs. Then it is possible to get into more detailed specifying of the work involved with clients and balancing the impact of changes to the requirements against the costs involved. Obviously if an architect has already been involved and has detailed plans in place then we are in a better position to provide a full and detailed quotation.